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About MriyaWeave

MriyaWeave is a brand born out of love for wet felting and fiber art, vivid colors and passion for natural fiber.

Welcome to MriyaWeave.

My name is Mariya.

I am a fiber artist – feltmaker and knitter.

"MriyaWeave" is my shop name. "Mriya" means "dream" in the Ukrainian language as I was born and lived in Ukraine a big part of my life. This is my “dream artwork" - felting, knitting, eco printing.

Living in the rural country and listening to the birds singing, the rustle of herbs and flowers, trees talk I weave it into my textiles using different fibers given to us by nature - wool, silk, cotton, transforming them into unique and beautiful textiles using an old craft processes, known as wet felting. I was hooked by the magic of wet felting when a fabric, a living image, is born from a bunch of scattered fibers of wool, silk and other fibers. In my work I use a lot of recycled material, old silk, cotton, and viscose rags and turn them into new forms of life and style.

I my shop I represent handmade items with original design, one of a kind, and raw materials imported from across the big water - silk fabric, wool roving, silk, viscose, flax fiber for felting, nuno felting, spinning.

I have an Etsy shop which same name MriyaWeave where I have many positive reviews and you can check them but it is my intention to keep prices for fiber art and craft material more affordable which is become not possible on the Etsy as there fee grow and grow...

This why I start my own website to keep more low and affordble prices.

Located in rural area by the Charleston IL,

shipping to USA